TDC 🎨 🎒 @ Miami Art Week

Kate the Cursed and TDC take it to the streets of Miami for aGENDAdao.

This auction will provide up to 2 ETH of direct support to aGENDAdao members at Art Week Miami 2021. All remaining proceeds benefit aGENDAdao.

Half digital display and half performance art itself, the TDC Art Backpack embodies the permissionless and decentralized spirit of cryptoart. As a trans artist, I’ve always had to claim my seat at the table rather than be invited, and this was created from a desire to do just that.

The piece, miami synthesis 2k21, pulls on imagery from fictionalized depictions of 1980s Miami and the zeitgeist of vaporwave aesthetics that emerged from them in the retro revivalism of the 2010s. It was rendered with stereo sound and filmed from an authentic 1980s oscilloscope, then recolored and reduced to 16-color composite CGA.

-- Kate the Cursed

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